Marek Siwiec MEP on Poland & Europe

Crimea’s takeover by Russia made some politicians think the following: If they (Russia) behave the same way as during the Cold War or even worse, let us isolate ourselves from them. Let us deploy the army on the Ukrainian-Russian border, let us impose sanctions on them – sanctions that would not bother us. And finally, let us introduce a technological arms race so that in several years new empire of Putin is brought to its knees again. There are also specialists who believe that the end of the arms race of the 80s was the time of a great economic growth for the West.

In my opinion these views are foolish and dangerous.
New reality is characterised by: globalization, with its own consequences of finance and resources ties, Internet and freedom of movement. On top of that there is another important element – 25 years ago there was no China as it is today. How we can isolate anyone in these circumstances?

The conflict started by Russia requires new thinking rather than “trying to make a salad with an old lettuce”. I can imagine the situation when the Russian Federation is pursuing their own vision of the world and we are pursuing ours. Borders must be guarded but we cannot close them.

The history will find its end in the wallets of Russians and Ukrainians in 10 years. If those from Kiev live better than those in Moscow, Putin’s philosophy will be in trouble.

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