Marek Siwiec MEP on Poland & Europe

Something very bad happens when some unknown perpetrators start to set the tone of a political game. During the uprising in Maidan these unknown perpetrates were kidnaping, torturing and detaining supporters of the riots. Yanukovych authority was then against the protesters and the unknown perpetrators were acting in its interest. Although people of the impeached president have never admitted to have any connections with Tityshky, their activity was putting blame on administration.

A few days ago in Odessa, unknown perpetrators set a trade union building on fire. Several people died in the flames. Maybe it was supposed to scary other people who have been occupying different state buildings. It did not. On the contrary- the victims brought a real burst of anger in Donetsk and other cities in the west. The responsibility for this incident falls on the authorities in Kiev.

It is now becoming clear that the riots in Ukraine are something more than just a Russian provocation. Well, we cannot deny that Moscow is inspiring agents and delivering equipment for the,, there are, however, a lot of people who are revolting against Kiev without this inspiration. For the last few days, they have also had their martyrs. This is a new situation.

I am not sure whether the plan to come back to talks exists. If it does not, there is a strong need to urgently work on it. It can be seen with a naked eye that neither of the sides will win anything by using force.

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